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We are looking for country music singer-songwriters or artists just starting their career, or who have been performing for a while, but have not reached your career aspirations.

If you are a singer-songwriter or artist interested in the Private Label Artist label, upload one of your best songs. We prefer original material if you have it, if not, a cover song will do. Only upload your best song and it does not need to be a professionally produced demo as we are listening to the quality of your voice, your range, and if an original song, the quality of written material. In the message, identify any links to your social media accounts, web page, etc. The audio file should be either .wav or MP3 or video files should be MP4 format.     

Once we listen to your submission, we will let you know if we are interested.  If we do not offer to move to the next step in our process, it simply means we do not feel we could assist you in your career aspirations.  


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