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Having the passion and talent for country music, new country artist Isabella Hartline couldn’t tell you where her musical abilities came from, but at the age of 15 it is clear, she is going places. Isabella has grown up in Cedartown, Georgia, where much of her inspiration comes from in writing her own songs.

Isabella started her career in music early on playing locally at open mic nights, churches and venues in and around her hometown. “Whenever I would be out singing, people would always ask if I had any songs recorded yet,” says Isabella. “Then one day, I looked at my dad and was just like I can do this. It’s funny because music does not run in my family at all, but that’s ok, I guess I’ll be the first country artist in my family.”

With a fun and loving spirit, this teen is the real deal as she continues to make music to inspire and encourage her fans. Performing is in her blood as it sends a rush down her spine, shivering her with excitement as she sees the smiles on people’s faces. “There’s nothing like seeing and hearing the crowd after my performances.” With dreams of playing stadium shows, “it’s going to be surreal when I see the fans singing the words right back to me.”

This impressive teenager not only works hard in music but also lives an everyday life of school, friends and sports, while still pursuing her career as an artist. As a teen, Isabella finds herself listening to the radio and singing along to the songs that she knows, while dreaming of one day playing her own shows. Isabella credit the most influence over her songs, from her personal life, walk of faith, and love for the U.S. that is sprinkled into her songs. Isabella loves to hunt, fish, and all the things a country girl loves, yet has all the qualities a young lady possesses. In the hope of encouraging her fans, Isabella has previously released a few songs digitally, but never had a national or international radio release. Recently signed to Private Label Artists, Isabella already recorded two of her songs for upcoming releases.

Her upcoming release Free, is the story of giving her fans the courage they need to overcome whatever it is they may be facing, whether that’s during a challenging time or an everyday struggle in life. Cowritten by Isabella alongside Nashville artist Sarah Morey, this song blossomed into a melody of hope and encouragement for everyone who hears it.

At fifteen years old, Isabella has a heart of gold and the passion for music. This teen sensation will take country music by storm and create a youthful environment within the country music genre.

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